Pig, cow, chicken, duck and reindeer

Still pictures from five videos
A video installation consisting of five videos. They are shown in parallel on five flat screens on the wall. The videos range from six to twenty five minutes in duration, and are played continuously.

Each video clip starts with the same image: A cutting board is seen on a table. After some time, hands, meat and tools emerge in view. First, the meat has to be removed from its packaging – then the tools and the hands slowly start working on the meat. In the end, a well known cartoon figure can be seen on the cutting board. It has been made out of the meat it represents; Piglet is made out of pork, Donald Duck is made out of duck, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is made out of reindeer, and so on.

The meat, which is normally readily cut and packaged in the freezer at the grocery, thus gives us a reminder of where it originates. The cartoon figures, who are normally cute and child friendly personalities, have become raw meat for consumption. I allow myself to “play with the food”, and ease the seriousness that is associated with dead meat.