Floating Control


Picture size: 70 x 100 cm. Photo manipulation.
The picture is located i the offices of Wilson Management, a shipping company

At first sight, it might look like an aquarium. Blue light emerges from three rectangular openings in the wall. Eventually, it becomes apparent that it is not water moving, but still pictures. What at first might have resembled fish, are not fish, or any other creates that belong to the underwater world.

There is still something that might seem familiar with the floating objects. They have a metallic surface, and although their function is not evident, the design and the details resemble objects that we depend on in every day life. They belong to categories of electrical, technological or machine-like tools. Even though the objects seem alien against the illusion of an aquarium, they have a surprising element of belonging when you consider their shape and surface. Their design resembles nature.

The illusions in this piece play on how a piece of nature is taken to decorate everyday existence. The carefully controlled design and selection – the aquarium as a piece of decoration, or the design of tools inspired by nature – might disclose/reveal something artificial in our relationship to nature.