4 sliding puzzles, size:44 x 44 cm. Wood/photography/Inkjet-print. Documentation of between exhibited at Trondheim Public Library.
An ordinary sliding puzzle has 15 square pieces that you can move around within a larger square that fits a total of 16 pieces. Normally, the objective of this game is to find the solution where all the pieces are arranged so they make up a coherent whole.

In each of the games in between, the pictures on the pieces are taken from every day activities; washing your face, getting dressed, eating. Wherever you move the pieces, you will not arrive at any one solution where the pieces form a coherent whole.

There is, however, a layer of text beneath the pictures. The aim of these games is to read the words and understand the meaning that emerges from the spaces in between. The objective is the feeling of wonder over the meanings that lie beneath and whether they can make up a meaningful whole.